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Welcome to Elys Royal Academy

Elys Royal Academy
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We stand out in inculcating the necessary skills for attaining academic excellence.

Our Vision

To provide a confident teaching relationship based on trust and respect for every individual special kid are the core for our values.

Our Mission

Preparing our kids for the future through a safe, happy and stimulating environment by developing their capabilities as responsible, confident, effective and successful contributors to the world.



COVID-19 Notice

In line with the State and Federal Government regulations as at the date of this posting, students have been advised to stay home and learn from home where possible. As a result, all our students and staff now engage in remote learning through our online learning platform.

This platform provides lesson notes, assignments and quizzes for all students to keep up with the curriculum as much as possible. There will be regular video classes and audio recordings made available for the students to keep them engaged and motivated. All examinations that were scheduled to be done at school will be modified to be done remotely on our learning platform and will serve as their final assessment.

If you would like your child(ren) to participate in our online learning forum but is not currently enrolled with us, you are welcome to contact us and register your child(ren).

For any advice on how to cope with this change or how to assist your child(ren) while studying at home, do contact us and check in on our social media platforms.


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About Us

Elys Royal Academy was founded in Year 2022 in answer to the Call she received from God to train up children in the way of God.

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